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  The art in your workspace projects a statement of your business' aesthetic. It adds something important to your work environment. It can spark curiosity and invite debate and discussion. Art can humanize your space and elevate the quality of your daily life.


   Each workspace is unique. You might tailor your art to your business' mission or express your own unique aesthetic vision.


   Let me help you organize your art and design a plan to best showcase your business.





  If you possess any amount of valuable art, it is important to keep track of the location, condition and value of your treasures. I can help you to organize and catalogue the condition, location and value of your collection for both insurance and resale purposes.


Like any other valuable possession, your art needs regular attention and care. In order to keep their value, works of art need to be properly housed, using archival quality materials. Older paintings come to life after a professional cleaning and restoration.


   We develop a relationship with the art around us. A great work of art can reward us anew each time we return to it. The art in our homes is essentially an expression of our humanity. Is it not important then that our artwork be presented in a way that we may enjoy it the most?


   It is the work of art that speaks to us, but as important as the work itself is its placement within the context of your home's design and aesthetic. Then, of course, it should be correctly positioned within its setting and securely installed.









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